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Most Wanted Real Estate - Official Release

It has been a few months since we sent out our email that Most Wanted Real Estate version 2 was in beta. There were a few bugs that were discovered, and we wanted to ensure that they were fixed prior to formal release. There were also a few enhancements that were done, expanding the flexibility and functionality even more, and changing of some field types as a start to have the component Joomla! 4 compatible.

After all of this, we are pleased to announce that Most Wanted Real Estate version 2 has been in Release Candidate for a few weeks, and we believe that it is fully ready for release to our clients, as well as the Joomla! community. Feedback from our testers has been positive, and we resolved quickly a couple final bugs that were discovered.

A few "tidbits" to chew on:

  • Average fields in WordPress Real Estate plugins: 20
  • Average fields in Joomla Real Estate plugins: 120
  • Number of fields in Most Wanted Real Estate: 187+
We didn't just step out to do what everyone else was doing. We stepped out to create something modern, powerful, flexible, state of the art, and that included features that Real Estate Agents and Brokers wanted, with actual direct feedback from them, as well as from an MLS. Honestly, who is going to know the Real Estate industry better: a developer, or Agents and Brokers who live and breathe Real Estate?

There are a few items that are still in the works, and will be released in a future update:

  • Similar Listings -- this will show some listings at the bottom of a listing that matches different criteria.
  • email notice to listing agent when client "favorites" a listing
  • Facebook push. This will push new listings to your Facebook page
  • PDF printing of listing
  • Most Wanted Watchlists -- a watchlist that clients can enter their search parameters, and Most Wanted Real Estate will email them with new listings
  • Most Wanted Downloads -- a download/file manager for some fields in Most Wanted Real Estate, or can be used as a standalone component
  • iPALS version 3. iPALS has been our RETS to Real Estate software for several years as a stand alone script is now being converted to a Joomla! component. The admin side is complete, and the code for processing the listings is going through conversion.

With Most Wanted Real Estate, display data for:
  • Agencies and Single Agency
  • Agents and Single Agents
  • Countries and Single Country
  • States and Single State
  • Cities and Single City
  • By Market Status
  • By Transaction Type
  • By Featured Listings
  • Hotsheet (Listings 3 days or newer)
  • By Open House
  • All properties or Single Property
  • There are multiple layout options, as well as multiple slideshow options
  • 6 modules included: agent(s), map, quick search, random property, multi-display, and image showcase gallery settings galore
  • Customize the layout on the menu item. Example, have residential listings as a horizontal grid layout, and commercial as a panel (card) style layout
We are releasing two (2) versions of Most Wanted Real Estate: Agent Edition, and Professional Edition. The two will be, essentially, the same except that the Agent Edition won't have as many views. Learn More

There has been so much that has been done with Most Wanted Real Estate that it is easier to show you, than to tell you. Visit the demo site today at 

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