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Real Estate NOW! is our custom developed property listings software for individual agents, agencies, or MLS's, offering you a powerful and feature rich solution developed with input and feedback from active agents, brokers, and an MLS. It's the ultimate solution for agencies, large and small, who need an online property listings site.

We have been working with Real Estate Agents with our iPALS RETS processing software, since 2008. During that time, we have forged some great relationships with our Real Estate partners. Most Wanted Real Estate is an ongoing project that was built completely "in-house" by Most Wanted Web Services, Inc., located in Spokane, Washington. Our philosophy has been that we are developers, but Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Agencies, and MLS's are going to know the Real Estate industry better than we can. So, that being said, we have done our development with heavy feedback, testing, and suggestions from actual Real Estate Agents. We're not just building Real Estate software to have Real Estate software. We're giving this a FRESH approach, and working closely with those that would actually use the software: Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate NOW! = Designed by Agents for Agents.

Real Estate NOW! was forged from the original project started by Kathy Stickland of Raptor Services in Australia. When Kathy stepped back from the development scene, we chose to take over the project, moving it into today and beyond.

Version 2.0.0 was our initial release, and we look forward to feedback and suggestions from our clients to move Real Estate NOW! even further into what agents desire.

Current release version is 3.5.0. The transition from version 2 to version 3 was significant, with the separation of data from a single table for property listings, to multiple tables, which allowed for more data to be collected. The most recent transition to 3.5.0 Release Candidate 1 involved a complete rework of the listing system. The most requested feature from agents was "refreshless searches", which we had implemented in version 3.0-3.1.x. This was a nice feature that provided immediate results, without your browser having to refresh the page. The downside that was encountered is when there are a large number of records, such as one that had over 2,600 listings. With so much data, it was requiring an excessive amount of memory, and bandwidth, to process the records. So, in comes version 3.5.0. This version works along the same principle as the refreshless searches, but instead of using jquery, all of the searches and pagination are done using AJAX. It's faster, less resource intense, and more resilient than the old system. The entire search and pagination system has been moved to AJAX as well.

Version 3.6.0 is in it's final stages. With the implementation of the AJAX search, filtering, and pagination, this affected SEF URLs, which is being fixed/updated in this next version.

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