Installing a CMS is quick and easy for us and that is why we do so for every project we undertake. It actually saves us time, giving us the ability to quickly add the features outlined below and to quickly build the site content and navigation. Our job is often just a case of carrying through the design to the various modules, components and templates.

We have particular experience building sites with Joomla!. The choice is never complicated, it boils down to whether you require a CMS for a large company, in which case you may need an enterprise level solution or whether you need something smaller, with a less technical interface, such as Joomla!. Or a system such as Moodle, to power a learning gateway or course management system for students and educators. We can help you decide on the exact active directory tools to help you run your site.

CMS Advantages and Features

All Standard Features are included in all our projects.

Advantages of an Obsidian Moon Creations CMS
  • Tried and tested, bug-free and secure
  • Full featured
  • Massively extensible
  • Portable between developers
  • Huge online communities
  • Ability to power huge sites or small brochure ones
  • Natively Mobile
Standard Frontend Features
  • Site search
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • User registration and regitered user only content
  • Content pagination
  • Email cloaking
  • Lightbox image and video popups
  • Latest news module
  • RSS feeds
  • RSS article syndication
  • Single A, double AA, or triple AAA accessibility
  • Descriptive search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Cross-browser compatibility
Standard Backend Features
  • Secure login
  • Extensible
  • WYSIWYG article editor
  • Menu manager
  • Media manager
  • Meta data management
  • Template manager
  • User manager
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Module manager
Advanced Features
  • Tabbed content
  • Sliding content
  • Dynamic sitemap
  • Advanced form creator
  • Google maps
  • Full featured blog component
  • Wordpress integration
  • Integration with social networking sites
  • Full featured ecommerce functionality
  • Various frontpage slideshow plugins
  • Various gallery plugins
  • Dynamic AJAX site search
  • JavaScript dynamic chat modules
  • Multilingual

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